Recipient of project no. BIN 01_2021_003 “ELDIS-SOCIO (Digitalisation for ELderly and persons with DISabilities in SOCIal services)” supported under the Trade, Innovation and SME Development Programme. is a registered social enterprise WELLNEA s.r.o. based in Senec at 41 Lichnerova Street.

The beauty salon, which was established in 2011 with the intention of promoting employment for the disabled, remained closed for a long time during the pandemic.

At that time, a new phase of its activity began: in cooperation with experts in the field of psychology, speech therapy, special pedagogy, physiotherapy and sociology from the TENENET civic association, a project for the development and creation of aids for children with special needs was created. 5 disabled people found work on this project.

The experience in this area is capitalized in the Eldis Socio project in the digitalization of a screening tool – an app with 45 games and 5 videos.

Experts collaborate on the project to develop the game specifications and exercises, the graphics, logic and mechanics of the games, the data collection platform, the evaluation and processing of the collected data, the project’s sustainability strategy, publicity and marketing.


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